Demons Dare Lotto


Demon Dare Lotto is a fund raising driving promotion for our club, to help finance this bulging 16 teams club, which looks like growing to 18 teams in 2020. We need many things and we have loyal workers, however we can also do with more. We need a home for our junior teams as Deakin Reserve can only a service a minor amount. We need to update our honor boards; we have outgrown what we have. Support our junior players coming out of junior age groups with experienced coaching and leadership on both the ground and courts. This list is very long

Our Demon Dare Lotto is a contribution of $20 per week over the year. If we can get 50 members we will draw a $500 cash lotto winner every week. So if you are in the draw and hopefully a winner, while helping your club survive and grow in such a demanding environment.

There are three payment options: Direct Debit, Credit Card or Cash, Weekly monthly payment etc. For information please see attached.

Hopefully this club has contributed to your life. Not all of us can physically help with the current and future running of our great club, so if you in a position to contribute in this way please do so. It will be a great assistance to our future.

Thanking you
Committee of Shepparton United Football Netball Club